Busy Bag | Colours [Version 2]
Busy Bag | Colours [Version 2]

Busy Bag | Colours [Version 2]

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Trace the Chinese characters for colours (red 红、orange 橙、yellow 黄、green 绿、blue 蓝、purple 紫、pink 粉、brown 褐、black 黑、white 白)with the whiteboard marker included, and peg the correct matching picture. Answers are marked with an encouraging Play乐学 octopus at the back of the card so children will be able to self correct (and hopefully parents can “relak one corner”).
*NEW: Hanyu Pinyin and English translations have been added to the back of the writing cards to help parents and educators who struggle with Chinese. 
This busy bag comes with: 
  1. 10 double sided dry erase character stroke cards bound by metal ring
  2. Whiteboard marker(s)*
  3. 5 wooden pegs for the pegging activity*
  4. A plastic button pouch that is easy for children to open and close (makes independent packing up easier)
*designs may vary

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