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Blanket Travel

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What do you do when you can’t fall asleep? Travel, of course! In this whimsical, heartwarming tale, two siblings reassure their sister that nighttime is not a scary time. Not when there are places to go and oceans to explore—and it can be fun when they do it all together.

“Originally in Korean, this paperback relies on only 79 words and uncomplicated visuals to tell of giggly bedtime and imagination.”
—Clara Chow, My Paper

About the Author:
Kim Da-Jeong is a 2006 Graduate from Kookmin University for Painting. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Illustration.

This is her first children’s book; the art was exhibited at the 2012 Bologna Book Fair.

ISBN: 9789810732189
Format: Paperback
Size: 210 x 260mm
Pages: 32pp
Published: October 2012

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