the playfair Rewards

We've been touched by the support and encouragement by everyone whom we've met through the playfair. As a token of our appreciation, we've started the playfair Rewards programme.


Who is eligible for the playfair Rewards points?

Every customer who makes a purchase from us will automatically earn points based on your purchase amount. 

For us to tally your rewards points accurately, be sure to provide the same email address each time you make a purchase.

How does the playfair Rewards points work?

For every dollar spent at our store, you earn 1 playfair rewards point. Accumulate a total of 300 points, and we'll send you a $10 'the playfair' cash voucher via email.

Note: Cash vouchers will be sent ~1 - 2 weeks from the time you have accumulated 300 points.

How do I redeem my cash voucher?

Cash vouchers can be redeemed in our store. Simply present the email with the voucher code before paying for your purchases.

How many points do I have now?

Key in your email address to find out how many points you've accumulated

Once you have earned 300 points, the points will automatically be converted into a $10 cash voucher which will be sent to you via email.